“Aris in Griefland” (EL:”O Άρης στη Στεναχωροχώρα”)

Synopsis – Aims: This animation deals with the theme of loss, as experienced by children when they see a loved one leave their lives due to death. Children lack the psychological mechanisms that adults draw on to cope with grief and rationalize loss, and the way they experience loss ranges from sadness and intense discontent to feelings of guilt. Unconsciously, they tend to place themselves in the role of the blamer, as the cause of the loss of the loved one. The practice that can be followed at the level of parental and educational guidance is to help the child to understand the universality and finality of the loss, to see it as a normal event, to be helped to accept and reconcile with it, and to be supported in experiencing grief, keeping the positive feelings and the memory of the loved one alive.

Age group: 7-10

Created with: StoryJumper

Author(s): Kollias Christos: Primary school teacher – Flogera Heleni: Private sector employee

School Name: 45th Primary School of Patras

Files: https://www.storyjumper.com/book/read/160167301