ITALY Target group Children from 3 to 6 years old, their families and cities (museums, theme parks, etc.) Purpose Develop innovative learning methodologies and technologies to support curricular educational activities in kindergarten and in the first year of primary school, such as spontaneous or guided exploration, which exploits the central role of touch, manipulation and […]


ITALY Target group 400 children from 3 to 7 years old of 10 schools Purpose The purpose of the research was to see if it was possible to reconfigure children’s representation of technology through the use of technology tools to construct digital stories. Creation date Created in the biennuim 2016-2018 Licence N/A Language Italian Laura […]


ITALY Target group Children aged 3 to 6, enrolled on the summer campus of the Santa Croce school, Maria Montessori Children’s House. Purpose ● Identification of a pertinent and imaginative sound commentary.● Practice of “recording”: silence and concentration.● Discrimination of sounds (cataloging timbres, sound types, “unconventional” instruments). Creation date N/A Licence N/A Language Italian Enrico […]


ITALY Target group Children from Kindergarden and Primary school Purpose The aim is to check whether the new teaching methods are able to contribute to overcoming frontal teaching methods, in favour of experiential teaching in which pupils become the authors of their own learning. To develop socio-relational skills Enhance the development of logical-mathematical, scientific and […]


ITALY Target group Children age 3 to 6 Purpose • introduce computational thinking;• educate children to be active subjects who build, think, test and verify;• to initiate children towards digital skills. Creation date 5-30 July 2021 Licence N/A Language Italian Teachers of Kindergarten Santa Croce in Perugia and POST – Perugia Workshop for Science and […]