Christmas smells like ginger biscuits

Content Summary: Name of activity – Doing good works feels good
Objective – to develop creative and mathematical skills, logical thinking and communication skills in preparation for Christmas. To analyse the expressive behaviour of the characters.
Phase I. The screening of the film is preceded by a discussion about Christmas and the anticipation of Christmas. Children’s ideas about what is most important for Christmas are recorded.
Phase II. Children share their ideas about helping friends, friendliness and Christmas ginger biscuits.
Phase III. Children reflect after watching the film. Children are asked questions about the bunny family, helping to build the house. The children are asked about their friendship towards each other and the meeting of the forest animals to celebrate Christmas together.
Phase IV. Children are taught to notice and count the houses, the parts of the house being built, the play of colours, naming the shapes of the house.

Age group: 4-5

Created with: Stop motion

Author(s): Audrone Putauskiene

School Name: Marijampole kindergarten Ruta