For children aged 3 to 10 years.

Educational games



Gudrutis Dutis

The project focuses on simple but effective interactive activities and educational games for children, both pre-schoolers and primary school children.
The range of tasks is very wide: numbers and maths, letters and languages, colours, learning about nature, etc.
For example, the game “Number Recognition”: before counting, the child has to learn how to recognise numbers – that’s the aim of this game.
Next is “Letter recognition”. An interactive activity for children from 2 years old! A great start for children to learn letters. Children have to click on the squares where the letters are written to show that they understand what symbols to look for. The tasks are short and simple, so children experience the joy of winning.
Shape recognition. The world is full of geometric shapes! A fun educational game with coloured geometric shapes will help you better understand the world around you.
Memory cards. Animals. A good memory is very valuable and can be developed. This colourful and playful memory game will help you achieve this.
The “Colour Gamut” game teaches about colours. By distinguishing them from other colours.