Examples of educational content created with animation digital tools


In this section you are welcome to view and study the examples created by the project’s consortium, with the digital animation tools offered in the training course. These examples showcase the positive impact on teaching methods, the enhancement of the learning experience for young students, and ways to develop young students’ skills and abilities.


Content Summary: It is designed to name the main means of transport in the air, water and land, to interest

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Content Summary: This video is about learning the shapes around us – circle, square, rectangle, etc. The protagonist travels around

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Content Summary: This tale tells us the story of Pepa, a street dog adopted by the chef Leo Age group:

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Sound mandala

The mandala game is widely used by children. Using technology we discovered another way to use it. The children worked

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I’m an apple

This video concludes a project about fruit in which the children were invited to connect grammatical sentences with the vocabulary

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By creating images of wildlife, children will be able to choose appropriate nature pictures-phonographs, thus developing their imagination and creativity,

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The volcano

The volcano is an animated video which is a follow-up activity proposed during a summer camp exloring the four elements:

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