Stop motion

Stop motion is a free app with options to extend the basic functions (“pro” version). The application makes it possible to create small film sequences using the stop motion technique. Real film sets can be devised, animating from time to time characters assembled by children or educational materials to create engaging and entertaining presentations. The application, which is the subject of the European Erasmus+ ViduKids project, can be used by the children themselves, with adult supervision, in order to involve them in a real video making project (assemble the set, move the characters, shoot the frames…).


  • Easy and intuitive
  • Needs easily available tools (a tablet)
  • Gives a lot of room for imagination (ability to choose story and materials, audio files, recorded or external mp3.



  • Presentation of materials or activities inherent to the method.
  • Cycles (frog, water…) animated with different techniques.
  • Animated nomenclatures.
  • Video clips of songs or nursery rhymes.


Number form / measurement rods project

The project was made with simple building bricks: these went to form a castle by overlapping according to the principle of units: the 4 can consist of 4 units, but also of one brick of two plus two units, two bricks of two, or one brick of three plus one unit. All the bricks came together to form a castle that represented the range of assembly possibilities.


“Peter and the Wolf” project

The project stems from the concurrence with another European project joined by the , having cinema as its subject. The project aims by December 2023 to explore the fairy tale of Peter and the Wolf, through live listening to the timbres and instruments and the creation of a small short film with the salient scenes of the fairy tale recreated by the children and animated with stop motion. A soundtrack created ad hoc by the children with effects and music by Prokofef, adapted for the occasion, may be added. Concluding the course will be the traditional Christmas Concert of the Perugia Musica Classica Foundation (Peter and the Wolf) attended by the school families.

Video Tutorials

Video Source: Stop Motion website

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