My Numbers (1-5)

Content Summary: This video is designed to introduce children to the numbers 1 to 5, stimulating their early interest in numeracy and creativity in learning.
The process: the child, with the help of an adult, watches the “My Numbers (1-5)” video. In the first part of the video, the child learns about the numbers 1 to 5 and can count how many objects are under each number. In the second part of the video, the child can count using his or her fingers. In the third part there are three fun activities: count how many ladybirds and how many times to bounce, count how many owls and how many times to flatten, and the last activity count the fish and how many times to jump up.

Age group: 3-5

Created with: Pencil2D Animation

Author(s): Jurgita Kumpiene

School Name: Marijampole kindergarten “Ruta