Young learners from 6-10 years old

Educational Toolkit for Students – educational games and tasks 2019-1-PL01-KA201-065726


Polish, English, Italian, Greek, Romanian


The aim of this toolkit is to develop cognitive functions and support students in the development of effective learning skills, using resources and the full brain potential. It contains a unique set of short exercises to support / develop cognitive processes favourable effective learning and exercises that develop various learning techniques and methods. The exercises can be used by students aged 6-14. The exercises are divided into two age-groups: 6-10 years old and 11-14 years old. Such division is dictated by the level of intellectual development of students and the need to adjust the level of difficulty and the scope of tasks / exercises. 30 tasks / exercises / short clips are prepared for each age-group. The toolkit is developed by a team of educators, psychologists, graphic designers, IT specialists and programmers and it is attractive for children.


The internet platform contains games and tasks takes the form of puzzles, labyrinths, tasks developing spatial imagination, tasks requiring concentration or visual-motor coordination. These exercises include the following exemplary ones: (1) solving logical and mathematical puzzles (2) adjusting on the screen of a smartphone / tablet elements to create an image (3) finding strings of the letters indicated in the task (4) counting on three-dimensional images for instance how many squares were used to build a given structure (5) fast counting of indicated digits, among many displayed on the screen (6) fast response and pressing e.g. on emerging elements (7) finding the way to the goal – mazes.

The student’s performance of these tasks stimulates the brain’s potential – the development of cognitive functions of children and adolescents. The idea of this solution is to develop through playing, using modern technologies and a smartphone or tablet. In addition, the application contains short videos (2-3 minutes cartoons) with good advice on effective learning. After watching them, the student gets a task to do – for example, implementing the clues from the film into the learning process.