SMART BOARD (4-7 y.o.)


Early/preschool children (4-7 years old)

Purpose: Introduce digital games by involving children with special educational needs in the educational process.

2019 11 15

Marijampole kindergarten „Ruta”

Lithuanian, English

The use of smart board in the education of early age children

Activity topic: „Differentiation of sounds K-G“


Objective of the activity: Identify sounds K-G in the words.


Tools: Smart board


Results of the activity:

  • Sort pictures by sounds;
  • Clearer pronunciation of sounds;
  • Consolidation of sounds in words;

Ability to set the specific sound in words.

Instruction: SMART BOARD is like a large computer with an interactive screen. Games with a smart board encourage to know the language, letters, enrich the vocabulary, play sounds and words, pronounce them correctly. Children with low, medium and high special needs, as well as language and communication disorders, are used to listening to the language of a friend or teacher, to hear the information conveyed (for example, to sort words with K – G sounds).


Teaching program:

  • Relationship with peers;
  • Correct pronunciation of sounds;
  • Development of phonemic hearing;
  • Training of fine motor skills;

Concentration of attention.