The Lonely Flame

The Lonely flame is the first of a four book series which exlores the four elements: fire, earth, water and air. The books were created to conclude each week of a four week summer camp. Each book is written in English using repetition of language and introducing new vocabulary related to the themes in order to teach L2 to young learners in the most stimulating way.

“The lonely flame” follows the story of fire who goes in search of friends but finds dangers along the way. In her quest to find friendship she discovers that fire isn’t always compatable with the other characters Earth, Water and Air. The story begins in a cosy fireplace in a home and passes from green forests to beautiful beaches, peaking in the sky before concluding with a happy ending in a church.

Age group: 4-5

Created with: StoryJumper

Author(s): Charlotte Anne Copson

School Name: Santa Croce