The twins offer Christmas eco gifts (EL: Τα δίδυμα προσφέρουν Χριστουγεννιάτικα οικολογικά δώρα)

Once upon a time in Patras near the Rio-Antirrio bridge, two babies were born who looked like two drops of water. Their father was the sea, and their mother was the land. The children did not live together during the day, but they were always near the bridge at night and told their news. One night before them appeared one of the Fates, Lachesis, and announced that their “mission” on earth would be, because they too were children of nature, to prepare every year, at Christmas, alternative gifts for children all over the world, gifts that would have something to do with the environment and nature. Indeed, the twins, Nicholas of the sea and Basil (Santa Claus) of the land, organised their workshops and were very happy to ask the children to choose different gifts for their Christmas wishes, gifts that were friendly to nature since they were made from its own materials.

Age group: 7-10

Created with: StoryJumper

Author(s): Sotiropoulou Asproula – Tsiligkirian Ermioni (EL: Σωτηροπούλου Ασπρούλα-Τσιλιγκιριάν Ερμιόνη) primary school teachers

School Name: 45th Primary School of Patras