Early/preschool children (2-8 years old)

  • to create a way for children to experience storytelling in a digital age that stimulates their imagination while being educational and fun but also a screen-free experience.
  • development of mental processes (language, attention, memory, imagination, etc.) in order to integrate children with special educational needs into the educational process

Toniebox® is registered trademark of tonies GmbH.

German, English

The creators of toniebox® – Patric Faßbender and Marcus Stah

TONIE BOX – is an audio system for kids that plays stories, songs and more. It’s soft, snuggable and portable, so you can take the storytime, song and musical fun with you wherever you go. The Toniebox comes to life when paired with our whimsical collection of Tonies: hand-painted characters with hours of stories to tell, worlds to explore, and songs to sing along with.

A music box with different toys is useful for a child’s development and learning. There are two types of interactive toys (figurines) that can be placed on the box. Some toys are filled with audio and music content selected by the manufacturer, others (creative) – allow you to place your own narrative or selected content for up to 90 minutes. This can be done by uploading the desired content to the manufacturer’s server via the smartphone. The toy is attracted and fixed with the help of a magnet, which allows the child to accurately coordinate hand movements. The two earbuds on the box allow you to amplify and mute the sound when you press them, which requires the precision of the child’s coordination of the fingers.

Teaching program:

  • Concentration of attention;
  • Curiosity is encouraged;
  • Stimulates the imagination by avoiding screens;
  • Development of auditory and visual memory;
  • Eye – arm coordination training;
  • Exploration of ambient sounds;
  • Language and listening skills are developed;
  • Training of fine motor skills;
  • Emotion management;
  • Relaxation.

Marijampole kindergarten „Ruta“ uses toniebox in its activities as an educational tool and shares several examples.

Activity topic: „Recognize the sounds of nature“

Objective of the activity: Differentiate the sounds heard in the environment (into natural sounds and human-made sounds).

Tools: Tonie box muzikinė dėžutė

Results of the activity:

  • Ability to listen attentively;
  • Ability to hear and recognize a specific sound and distinguish it from the background sounds;
  • Development of imagination, creative thinking;
  • Attention;
  • Knowledge of nature.

Activity topic: „How to deal with situation when you get angry on your friend?“

Objective of the activity: to develop children’s cooperation in constructive resolution of conflict situations.

Tools: Tonie box music box, sheets of paper, colored pencils.

Results of the activity:

  • Ability to listen attentively;
  • Ability to hear and differentiate information;
  • Development of imagination;
  • Attention;
  • Learning by example;
  • Development of memory and memorization processes.

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