Create your video

Now it is time to run the app and build your own video!!!

1) Run the app and click on the plus icon to start creating.

2) Select your Story Arc to map out your plot.

3) Start creating your scenes (or add additional ones).

4) Pick a setting for your scene! (you can choose one of the available or draw your own)

5) Select a character or multiple ones to use in your scene!

6) Now after the countdown, start recording your scene! You can move around the characters along the screen and record you voice too.

7) In this step you can add music to your video.

8) Then you can proceed with the recording of your next scenes (if it is required.)

9) When you have completed all your scenes click on the finish button.

10) Finally, you can set a title for your video and add the name of the director if you want.

11) Your video is finalized now and you are presented with the options to “edit” it again, to “export” it or to “delete” it.

12) If you click on Export, your video will be stored in your photo library and now you can go ahead and share it!