Getting to Know the Tools

The brush tool. 

It’s quickly accessible with the B key. This tool will allow you to draw colorful, thick, luscious lines. You can change the color on the far right side of the screen, or create a custom color

The eraser

Press E to access the eraser when you need it.You can change the size of the eraser on the far left, and hold down left-click in order to erase anything on your screen.

The bucket

Use the bucket tool to fill color. It can be used by pressing K. It’s a little glitchy, so look out for issues if you use it.

Τhe eyedropper

Use the eyedropper tool to remember what colors you created or edited. You can access it with the I key.

If you created a custom color, just press the I key on your keyboard, left-click on the spot you want, and voila! You’ve got your custom color back!

Τhe pencil

Press N to access the pencil tool. This will draw thinner lines, and it can be useful for more advanced detailing.