It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

For Windows
For macOS
For Linux

TupiTube’s Installation Manual

For Windows

For Mac

For Linux 

For Windows users

1. Double click on the installer and click on the Run button from the wizard dialog.
2. Click on the Install button from the wizard dialog.
3. When the installation process starts, you will see a progress bar like this:
4. Click on the Finish button from the wizard dialog.
5. Look for TupiTube Desk launcher at All Programs → TupiTube → TupiTube Desk and start creating your first 2D animation project!

For Mac OSX users

1. Double click on the installer. A window with TupiTube Desk icon will show up.
2. Open a Finder window and pick the Applications item. Drag the TupiTube Desk icon inside the Finder window.
3. That’s it. From now, you could find TupiTube Desk in your Applications folder and start creating your first 2D animation project!

For Linux users

1. Ensure execution permissions to the installer using the command chmod.
2. Execute the installer from the console. Note: The installation script will ask for your user password to install some video-format dependencies.
3. A new directory will be created with the name *tupitube_XXX*. Get in it and execute the Tupi launcher and start making your first 2D animation project!

Note: You can move TupiTube Desk installation directory to any other path of your preference or also, you can create a shortcut to the launcher from your desktop environment, to make easier to start it.