Magnetic constructor

Magnetic constructer – a soft magnetic block constructer. The soft magnetic blocks constructor is not only an entertaining game, but also a great tool for developing children’s creativity and logical thinking. The cubes are made of high quality, soft material. Each block has four magnets on each side, which allow the cubes to be joined together to create a variety of objects.

A magnetic constructor designed to develop each child’s abilities by organising an innovative, coherent educational process, ensuring children’s creativity and logical thinking. Pre-school and pre-primary teachers plan their work in the educational process according to the themes provided. Educational support specialists work individually with children with special needs to develop their different abilities.

Children’s different abilities are developed: counting and measuring, where children arrange soft magnetic cones, try to keep the shapes of the building, express positive emotions, enjoy the activity and the results when the goal is reached, try to follow the rules of the game, concentrate, and observe their friends, control their actions, listen and express their opinions, ask for help, communicate and cooperate with kindness in play, take an interest in the robot, suggest strategies to achieve the goal, recognise challenges and find appropriate solutions to overcome them, explore the blocks and its possibilities; observe and discuss the results of their observations and discoveries.

Magnetic constructor also develops three-dimensional imagination, shape recognition, basic physics, concentration, precision, logical thinking, cooperation and movement.