Pencil 2D Pedagogical material

How we used Pencil 2D

Pencil 2D is a digital tool for creating animations. In the school context it is an interesting proposal because it allows teachers to create digital products in a creative and personal way. Photos or images can be imported to make the work more realistic: everyday experiences can be represented digitally. In the 3-6 year age group, this tool can be considered as an aid aimed at language development.


Positive observations

For adults

  • Encourage teachers to test their manual skills using digital;
  • The adult can unleash their creativity;
  • You can upload images/photos, use as a background or insert elements to personalize the work;
  • Personalizing means working on details, not presenting standardized experiences;

For children:

  • It can be an aid for language development;
  • Help children approach digital by giving meaning to the experience;
  • Digital as a storyboard of an experience made up of images and sounds that can be created by the children themselves;
  • It can help children approach story telling through images using a digital tool.
  • It is a teaching tool in the hands of teachers but by involving childrens in the right way it makes them feel an active part of creation.

Negative observations

To be able to use it easily requires a lot of practice on the part of the adult. To prevent boys and girls from being “passive”, it is important to think carefully about what to propose and how to propose it.


Extension activities

Work of different levels can be proposed based on the age of the group of children.


Alternative uses of the app

Pencil 2D can be offered to childrens over the age of 7 with the aim of making them understand the digital process behind an animation.