Share your book

All books are private by default. But sharing your book with others is a big part of the fun on StoryJumper!

Click on the Share button next to your book.

You will see the following 4 options:

Share with the public

When you make your book “Public”, it’ll be added to the StoryJumper public library so long as it meets some minimum requirements. Other StoryJumper members can then search for it and it could appear in the “Recommended Books” section. It will appear on your public profile ([your_username]) that you can share with others. In addition, after a week or two, you’ll be able to search for it in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.


Share with family and friends

If you want to email a link to your book to your friends and family, just copy the “Link” shown and paste it into an email. You can also post your book to Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter by clicking on the icons shown.


Embed on your site

You can further promote your book by “embedding” it on other websites so it can be read on those sites (kind of like watching YouTube videos on different websites). Just copy the “Code” shown and paste it into another website’s HTML code.

Here’s an example of an embedded StoryJumper book on
The Kitten Who Got Lost



You can also allow others to “remix” your story, just like musicians remix songs. To do so, scroll down to “Remix” and click the Allow button. When people go to your story, they will see an Edit button which they can click to create a copy of your book that they can remix!

Other Resources

For more information for teachers, check out the Teacher’s Guide.