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TARGET GROUP: Aimed at children with special educational needs, especially recommended for children with speech disorders.

AGE: 4-7 years

Objective: Help children identify sounds by favoring pronunciation.


Special Words

The goal of Special Words is to learn to recognise words. Minors identify the terms and match them with their corresponding drawings and sounds. The child is offered a syllable, lyrics and even a word to link it to an image and later to a sound. There are numerous free applications that can be used on the Smart Board.

In the game Special Words we can increase the difficulty, with children with a higher level of disability or with greater difficulties we can only match images with sounds and in children with more skills and competences we can progressively introduce syllables or words, always from direct syllables to obstacles.

To adapt to the level of learning, it is advisable to have the collaboration of parents and professionals who are working with the child outside the school (psychologists, speech therapists, physiotherapists….).

These pedagogical materials can be adapted according to the needs and abilities of the children. It is important to make sure the material is visually appealing, easy to understand and accessible to all children. In addition, the participation of professionals specialised in special education is recommended to provide guidance and adapt the material according to the individual needs of each child.