Smart Board Usage Possibilities

Smart board is like a big computer with an interactive screen. Playing games with the smart board encourages you to learn about language, letters, enrich your vocabulary, play with sounds and words and pronounce them correctly. Children with mild, moderate and severe special needs, as well as speech and communication difficulties, are trained to listen to the speech of a friend or teacher and to hear the information being conveyed (e.g. sorting words with the K-G sound).

Aim: to get children with special educational needs interested in digital games by including them in the educational process.

Smart board possibilities:
  • counting, exploring, comparing, grouping things and objects;
  • develop an understanding of family, friends and home;
  • to learn about language and letters, to enrich vocabulary, to play with words and sounds, to pronounce them correctly.
  • children can draw, write, paint, watch a prepared task, record sounds and listen to them;
  • to develop the child’s creativity.
Smart board advantages:
  • communicate knowledge in a modern and effective way in activities;
  • activities are designed according to children’s abilities;
  • improves communication between teacher and children;
  • accelerates the pace of learning and improves efficiency.
  • relationship with peers;
  • correct pronunciation of sounds;
  • development of auditory perception;
  • developing fine motor skills;
  • concentration of attention;
  • recognition of feelings and emotions;
  • teaching speech breathing;
  • learning about colours;
  • learning about nature.
Activity topic – Differentiating K – G sounds.

Activity objective: Differentiate the sounds K – G in words.

The results of the activity:

  • sorting pictures by sounds;
  • clearer pronunciation of sounds;
  • sounds embedded in words;
  • identification of the sound to be taught in the word;
  • ability to identify the specified sound in words.