Sound Tales – Logopedia

TARGET GROUP: Aimed at children with special educational needs, especially recommended for children with speech disorders or cognitive difficulties.

AGE: 2-7 years


  • Help children identify sounds by linking them to their corresponding image.
  • Enhance movement and coarse psychomotor coordination of children

The goal is to promote sound recognition while encouraging children to move freely in a controlled space according to the sound they hear.

The sound story is an activity designed to enhance language skills and children with special educational needs. Based on this, the story is an educational resource with a great pedagogical value in the Early Childhood Education stage since it is the age at which children are perfecting their language, at the same time enriching their vocabulary, using properly the words to elaborate correct phrases.

In the case of children with special educational needs, these often have language delay so that they require specific activities that enhance the stimulation of language.

This activity can be a very effective means to acquire and develop this language, since it in turn provides them with a space-temporal framework, through which, they are able to place in space the moments of a given action and be able to continue them in time, very important for the future learning of abstract knowledge, that require the mastery of time and space.However, if we want to use it as a resource in the classroom for children with special educational needs, stories must gather a series of characteristics, apart from those of the tool (sound versions, animal noises, fragments of songs…), that are related to the adaptation both to the age of the children to whom it is directed, to their tastes and interests and to their characteristics and peculiarities.

To adapt to the level of learning, it is advisable to have the collaboration of parents and professionals who are working with the child outside the school (psychologists, speech therapists, physiotherapists….).

These pedagogical materials can be adapted according to the needs and abilities of the children. It is important to make sure the material is visually appealing, easy to understand and accessible to all children. In addition, the participation of professionals specialised in special education is recommended to provide guidance and adapt the material according to the individual needs of each child.