Stop motion Pedagogical material

How we use the Stop motion

Stop motion can be used by both teachers and children, in order to create small animations. whose content can range from natural elements, specially created figures, Montessori materials, and whatever you choose to animate, including nomenclature, fairy tales, or songs.


Positive observations

Technology can help children and adults develop imagination and creativity. Animating a drawing, figure or material is not only an activity that leads to the acquisition of new skills, but becomes a way to retrace the creative process that leads to imagining and reinventing the object of animation.

On the one hand, in fact, we can see how the use of this app guides the child to create a cooperative game in which there are those who are assigned to move the figures, others to think about the movement, and another group to shoot the frames: the children control what happens, and through experience and self-correction they reach autonomy. On the other hand, the application in any context (sensory area, language, logical-mathematical area…) makes this game authentically “open”.

Sounds and voices can be added, which makes this app even more interesting and creative.

Negative observations

it is necessary to have a minimum number of, at least, three shots per frame, in order to ensure smooth movement of the figure, since the minimum speed is still too fast if only one shot is taken.


Extension activities

Every activity carried out in the classroom, including experiments and elements of cosmic education can be elaborated on with the help of Stop motion.


Alternative use of this app

This app could be used to create an actual cartoon or small sequences of a story, created by the children themselves.