Storyjumper Pedagogical material

How we used Storyjumper

Storyjumper has been exclusely by the teacher  in order to create narrative stories, informative books or diaries. 


Positive observations

Creating a diary for each child with the recording of the teacher has been an important process not only for the child but also as a way of recording the childs progress for the family. Documenting memories has meant that the child has been able to share and recount moments in the school year creating a bridge between school and homelife. 

Being able to create your own narrative book as a teacher means that you are able to isolate the chosen language and select appropriate images for young learners.   In addition, there are very few books for L2 learners and so by creating your own book the images and dialogue can be made more comprehensable.

Negative observations

The lack of animated content makes it less interesting.

Being able to upload your own music or sound effects could be a great advantage.


Extension activities

Practical activities such as science experiments, art workshops or games could be used as extension activities for each book.


Alternative uses of the app

Musical or informative books.

Books that deal with: Emotions, diversity, friendship, and respect for the environment.