The Role Of Animation Creation With Toontastic 3d, Tubitube And Pencil 2d Software In Education Process

In today’s information society, the widespread use of technology has led to changes not only in the adult community, but also in the way adults approach the child and his or her education. This is why the procedures of pedagogical and social action, based on a certain system of pedagogical ideas, methods and techniques, are particularly important today. Innovations in pre-school and pre-primary education provide more opportunities for self-expression and the ability of the teacher to model the educational process, helping to adapt it to the needs of a particular group of pupils. Today’s children are special, self-confident, they want to see, hear, create together, discover, explore and solve problems together.

With the rapid development of digital literacy, the managers and teachers of the Marijampolė kindergarten – kindergarten “Ruta”, aware of the need to strengthen their skills and competences and to share best practices with their colleagues, are focusing on engaging in international projects. The Erasmus+ project “Make ECEC institutions fit for the digital age leaving no one behind” is well underway. Teachers have successfully familiarised themselves with and have already started working with 3 animation software – Pencil2D Animation, Toontastic 3D, TupiTube. With the help of these programmes, teachers can create an educational video/animation on a chosen topic, voice it and apply it in the educational process.

Adapting to the digital age, working with these animation programmes has opened up opportunities for teachers to enrich the content of their education, share their knowledge, ideas and methods with colleagues. The strength of working with these programmes is that animation is one of the most fun creative activities, where the child is given the opportunity to become the creator of fairy tales, stories etc. The child involved in these activities thinks critically, creating talking avatars, sounds, movements and effects. In the artistic activities, the children use the app to draw, create animations from their drawings and save them on the tablet, which also develops the child’s aesthetic perception.

We are pleased to have succeeded in awakening the information needs and motivation of pupils and teachers. The next step is much easier – information seeking.