Tonie Box In Early Chilhood Education

The aim is to develop cognitive skills – children’s auditory attention and memory, concentration, language processes.

  • to promote attentive listening;
  • to relate the sound to the picture;
  • to memorise the sounds;
  • to increase self-confidence.
Activity – Sound Puzzle.

Tools: interactive Tonie box and cards with pictures.

Preparation for the activity: choose pictures of different objects, animals, people, devices that can make sound. Sounds made by the objects in the pictures are recorded in the Tonie box app.


the picture cards are placed in front of the child, the child is invited to look at them, to get to know them, and to ask if the child recognises all the images, if he/she has seen them, or if he/she knows what they are for.  Once the child has been introduced to all the pictures, we show him/her the tonie box and demonstrate how it works. When the first sound is heard, we ask if the sound is familiar and which of the pictures shows an object that can produce the sound. Once the child has absorbed the information, the activity can be repeated with new sounds and pictures.

Tool options:

the use of the tool allows for creative planning of activities, and for engaging children, especially those with special educational needs, as the principle of operation is very simple and children quickly grasp it and are eager to engage in the activity process. This allows the child to experience success in the educational process, to be motivated to act, to discover and to become more self-confident. This tool allows the teacher to get to know the child, to find out what knowledge the child has already mastered and what still needs to be reinforced, to see what the child is most interested in and to discover his/her strengths.