Toontastic Pedagogical material

How we used Toontastic

Toontastic has been used as a teacher support tool to deal with areas such as social inclusion, emotions, empathy and civic responsibility. The app has been used exclusively by the adult and follow up activities were proposed to the children. However, in some cases the children worked together to complete the conclusion of the video. 

Positive observations

Dealing with sensitive issues:  The teacher has had the opportunity to create videos with which sensitive issues can be addressed especially when assisting children with behavioural disorders.  The animation help simplify complex concepts, making them easier to understand and apply in real-life scenarios.

Choosing the ending:  In some cases the children had the opportunity to write their own ending helping them work through emotional processes and collaborating together.

Self correction:  While watching the animation the children can analyze their work and make corrections if improvements are to be made.

Negative observations

Toontastic is not suitable for the use of young learners and so it’s important to reflect on how children can become active partipants in the activities.


Extension activities

Children can be invited to discuss their feelings, opinions and thoughts as a follow-up to each story.


Alternative uses of the app

Sensitive issues:  stories highlighting social and cultural inclusion, bullism etc

Aid to L2 teaching: Short stories to introduce new vocabulary.