Tupitube Pedagogical material

How we used Tupitube

We used Tupitube as an introduction to animation for young learners.  The children are assisted by the teacher, however the designs are drawn by the children themselves using a tablet or i-pad.  The animations are very simple and in some cases, we worked with only 2 frames.


Positive observations

Observation skills:  Firstly, the children needed to enhance their observation skills to be able to reproduce on the touchscreen what they have seen in real life. 

Eye-hand coordination:  With the touch of their fingers, the children have practiced using soft movements in order to create their chosen design.

Sequencing:  While the children are working from one frame to the next they are gaining a better understanding of the sequencing of each process.

Self correction:  While watching the animation the children also have the opportunity to analize their work and make corrections if improvements can be made.

Negative observations

The activities shouldn’t be carried out on a smartphone as the size is not appropriate.

Designing and drawing on a touchscreen has less accuracy and images can become distorted.

Extension activities

Pre or post activities can be proposed to assist the child in the sequencing of each animation such as putting into order sequencing cards. 

Alternative uses of the app

Animated nomencature cards: Where there is an obvious process an animated version of the nomencature cards can be created.

2 frame animation: A beating heart, a bouncing ball

Changes in nature: A tree’s changing season,