Teachers, pupils in Early and Pre-Primary Education (4-7 years old)

User generated content: educational scenario – lesson plan
Pre-school education – Environmental Education/Education for Sustainable Development

Date of publication: 23.11.2021


Water, source of life/ ZELIACHOVA VASSILIKI (Creator, Pre-primary school teacher))

This practice is an educational scenario created within the context of Training in Distance Learning. It focuses on the understanding by children, of the importance of water, as an indispensable element of our environment and how valuable it is for human existence. Is also involves other cognitive areas and disciplines such as Sciences, Language, Mathematics, Art, and Information Technology. It is appropriate for the pupils’ cognitive level, it is playful, it integrates New Technologies in the learning process and promotes self-action by linking school life and routine with everyday life. school life and routine with everyday life.
Class: Kindergarten
Lesson/Learning Object: Children and Physical Sciences
Expected Learning Outcomes: Understanding of how valuable natural element water is, its participation in the cycle of life, its different states (solid, liquid, gaseous), to cultivate scientific skills such as observation, experimentation, to realize the value water has in social context.
Prerequisite knowledge by children for implementation of lesson plan / scenario: To have previously approached subjects relating to the concepts of the natural environment, to be familiar with the methods of observation, of recording their observations, or their hypothesis, checking of their hypothesis, of experiments, of deducting conclusions and formulating a general truth etc., and finally, to be familiar with the use of the suggested digital platforms, tools and their function.

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