Early/preschool children (3-14 years old)

Purpose: to develop different areas of children’s language with the help of interactive games.


Lithuanian, English

The use of „Word games“ in digital activities

Activity theme: „Emotions“

Objective of the activity: Introduce the child to emotions and show different ways of expressing them using appropriate words

(feelings, moods, etc.), but only the following are depicted:

  • Joy;
  • Anger;
  • Boredom;
  • Surprise;
  • Sadness;

Tools: Smart tablets, computers, phones.

Results of the activity:

  • Verbally name emotions;
  • Recognize and describe other people‘s emotions (cheerful, sad, curiuos, angry, surprised, etc);
  • Draw your emotion;

Describe emotions in non-verbal language.

Instruction:  „Word Games“ – a collection of interactive listening, speaking, emotion, music and physical activities. This program allows children to create their own melodies and learn gamma and rhythmic values, helps the child to reach a level of language that is sufficient to communicate freely with people around him.

Teaching program:

  • Hearing disorders;
  • Speech and language disorders;
  • Disorders of fluent speaking;
  • Learning difficulties;
  • Delayed psychomotor development;
  • Motor development disorders;
  • Development of feelings and emotions.